Breezelike No Static Precious High-rank Pterocarpus Santalinus Wood Comb

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Pterocarpus santalinus is a species of Pterocarpus endemic to the southern Eastern Ghats mountain range of South India. It's the finest and unique kind among the red sandalwood. Pterocarpus santalinus is valued for its delicate vintage textures. It has the exquisite striated red and black grain. Crafts made of pterocarpus santalimus bear a touch of classic elegance from a bygone era, and they are long-lasting and easy to maintain, for pterocarpus santalinus wood is extraordinarily sturdy and stable.


- Breezelike pterocarpus santalinus wood combs are high-rank handmade combs sold by Skyworkshop. All Breezelike pterocarpus santalinus wood combs are made with natural pterocarpus santalinus wood and crafted with traditional handicrafts.

- Made with natural pterocarpus santalinus wood, Breezelike pterocarpus santalinus wood combs permanently retain natural vintage red and black color and never discharge static during usage.

- Breezelike pterocarpus santalinus wood combs are firm and stable. They rarely deform or crack, which makes them durable in use and easy to maintain.

- Each Breezelike pterocarpus santalinus wood comb has its unique distinctive wood grain, since no two spterocarpus santalinus trees are identical.


- Do not soak pterocarpus santalinus wood combs in water especially hot water for a long time.

- Do not put pterocarpus santalinus wood combs in strong light or high temperature. Keep them away from fireplaces and ovens especially.

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