Breezelike Mini No Static Chacate Preto Hair Comb for Detangling

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Chacate Preto wood is a precious wood growing in Mozambique and South Africa. It has beautiful grain and great hardness. Chacate Preto wood that can be used for manufacturing is rare, for many Chacate Preto trees are hollow inside and unsuitable for crafting. Nonetheless, the wonderful texture, exquisite grain and sturdiness of Chacate Preto wood makes it perfect for handicrafts. Nowadays, Chacate Preto wood hair brushes made with Chinese traditional handicrafts has become more and more popular. With the exquisite classic Chacate Preto wood and the elegant design of Chinese traditional handicrafts, Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair comb is an excellent choice for your hair care.


- Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair combs are high-rank hair brushes sold by Skyworkshop. All Breezelike Chacate Preto hair combs are made with natural Chacate Preto wood and crafted with traditional handicrafts.

- Made with natural precious wood, Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair combs never discharge static during usage.

- Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair combs are sturdy and durable in use.

- Each Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair comb has its unique distinctive wood grain, since no two Chacate Preto trees are identical.

- Breezelike Chacate Preto wood hair combs retain the natural dark brown color of the raw wood. And the tone of Chacate Preto wood tends to grow darker after sometime, making it looks more antique.


- Do not soak Chacate Preto wood hair comb in water especially hot water for a long time.

- Do not expose Chacate Preto wood hair combs in blazing sunlight or high temperature (over 40 degree Celsius).

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