How to identify a genuine horn comb from a plastic comb?

A genuine horn comb has many advantages compared to a plastic comb. How to identify a comb is made of horn or plastic? Breezelike comb expert can help you distinguish them.

The first way, sink it!

The horn comb is denser than water, so it will sink if put in water. It means if the comb float, it must not a horn comb. But if it sinks, you cannot tell whether it is genuine or fake for now.

The second way, burn it!

Genuine horn not easy to burn, it turns to ash after burning and smelled like barbecue. In contrast, plastic melting when burning it, and it smelled like … Ewww…you know that.

The third way, shock it!

Plastic produces static by friction, and the genuine horn doesn’t. We can make an experiment by using the comb and some tiny paper pieces.

The fourth way, watch it!

Making a horn comb need many handcrafted processes. Not like plastic combs are produced by assembly line without humans’ hand, every single horn comb is unique, including the shapes, patterns and textures. We can watch and compare two of the same product to find out the differences if they are genuine horn combs.

The final way, trust it!

After sinking, burning, shocking and watching, I seriously doubt that your comb can survive. There must be an easier way! Yes, there is! Buy a Breezelike horn comb, all Breezelike horn combs are definitely 100% made of genuine horn. You can trust us.

Bonus, these also a misunderstanding of genuine horn comb that many people have. Most people think that the value of a horn comb is defined by its material. It’s wrong. The value is on the craftsmanship instead. As we know, the price of the raw material of horn is even lower than meat, but the craftsmanship is totally different. The complete traditional horn comb making has 33 processes to make the comb sturdy, odorless and long-lasting. But nowadays many manufacturers cut the processes in half to lower the labor cost to get the price advantage.

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