Breezelike No Static Sandalwood Fine Tooth Comb with Golden Painted Flower

Breezelike No Static Sandalwood Fine Tooth Comb with Golden Painted Flower

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Material Green Sandalwood
Size 12 * 5.5 * 0.8 (cm) 4.7 * 2.2 * 0.3 (in)

Sandalwood, the sweet-smelling wood from sandalwood tree, has long been considered as the rarest timber in the world. Sandalwood has a long-lasting distinctive soft warm precious-wood fragrance. The natural soothing fragrance of sandalwood has the effect to calm the nerves and relieve stress. Unlike many other aromatic woods, sandalwood retains its fragrance for decades. As a slow-growing tree, sandalwood takes hundreds of years to harden into timber, which makes it even more valuable. 

• Breezelike green sandalwood combs are high-rank combs sold by China Craft Store. All Breezelike green sandalwood combs are made with natural green sandalwood and crafted with Chinese traditional handicrafts. 
• Made with natural sandalwood, Breezelike green sandalwood combs never discharge static during usage. 
• Breezelike green sandalwood combs tend to add natural soothing fragrance to your hair and relieve stress.
• Each Breezelike green sandalwood comb has its unique distinctive wood grain, since no two sandalwood trees are identical. 
• Sandalwood is believed to be able to exorcise evil and purify souls. Breezelike green sandalwood comb is perfect to cleanse your hair. 
• Breezelike green sandalwood comb retains the natural green sandalwood color. And the natural green sandalwood tone tends to grow greener after sometime, making it looks more antique.

• Do not soak sandalwood combs in water especially hot water for more than half an hour. 
• Do not put sandalwood combs in sunlight or high temperature (over 40℃). 
*Exposing green sandalwood in sunlight or high temperature tends to accelerate the color-changing process but may cause the sandalwood to exude resin.
*Green sandalwood may grow “fuzz” if not being touched for a long time, which is a natural property of green sandalwood. Simply dust the “fuzz” off, and the sandalwood product will be as good as new.

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