No Static Black Buffalo Horn Comb with Sandalwood Handle

No Static Black Buffalo Horn Comb with Sandalwood Handle

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Material Black Buffalo Horn
Size 18 * 4.8 * 0.7 (cm) 7.1 * 1.9 * 0.3 (in)

Handmade horn combs are famous traditional handicrafts in southern China. The special traditional craftsmanship of making natural horn combs has been handed down generation from generation since Song Dynasty 700 years ago. Buffalo and sheep horns are precious ingredients in traditional Chinese medicine. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, combing hair with horn combs every day can relieve the itchy scalp and improve the condition of hair loss. Besides, gently massaging the scalp with horn combs every day can promote the blood circulation near the brain, relieve the blood pressure and soothe the brain nerves, thus helping the users to keep a peaceful mind. 

• Breezelike black buffalo horn combs with sandalwood are high-rank horn combs sold by China Craft Store. All of them are made with natural black buffalo horns and fragrant green sandalwood and crafted with Chinese traditional handicrafts. 
• Breezelike black buffalo horn combs tend to glide through hair much easier without discharging static.
• The teeth of natural black buffalo horn combs are smoother, blunter than plastic ones, thus better for hair care. 
• Breezelike natural black buffalo horn combs with sandalwood combine the advantages of both black buffalo horn and sandalwood. They are smooth to the touch, easy on the eyes and fragrant on the hands. It is a kind of enjoyment to hold one.
• No two leaves are identical in the world, neither are natural black buffalo horns and sandalwood. Each Breezelike black buffalo horn comb with sandalwood has its unique distinctive texture, which makes it special. 
• The sandalwood part of the comb retains the natural green sandalwood color. And the natural green sandalwood tone tends to grow greener after sometime, making it looks more antique.

• Do not soak horn combs with sandalwood in water, especially hot water for a long time.
• Keep horn combs with sandalwood away from sunlight, high temperature (over 40℃) and detergents. 
*Exposing green sandalwood in sunlight or high temperature tends to accelerate the color-changing process but may cause the sandalwood to exude resin.
*Green sandalwood may grow “fuzz” if not being touched for a long time, which is a natural property of green sandalwood. Simply dust the “fuzz” off, and the sandalwood product will be as good as new. 
*In extreme circumstances (like being exposed in blazing sunlight or high temperature, soaked in water, affected with damp for a long time etc.), natural horn combs may give off a slight odor. Simply keep horn combs cool and dry, and the odor will disappear soon.

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